Dec 15, 2017

Recent Reads: The Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter

The Lighthouse SantaThe Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter
Publisher: Flying Dog
Publication Date:  September 13,2011

Format:  Hardback
Source: Free from a Work Wellness Event



Goodreads Synopsis: 
For Kate, life at the Great Point Lighthouse on Nantucket Island can be exciting, full of stormy seas and even shipwrecks. But it can also be lonely, with only her mother, father, and brother Sam to keep her company. Now it's Christmas Eve, and Kate waits in her lighthouse as a blizzard threatens to ruin this most special day. For as long as she can remember, the Lighthouse Santa has dropped presents from his airplane for all the lighthouse keepers' children. But will his plane make it through hurricane winds and blinding snow? Sam says it is impossible, but Kate has been keeping a secret Christmas wish all year long, and she will not give up hope.
Based on the Christmas flights of Edward Rowe Snow, hero to lighthouse children for almost fifty years, The Lighthouse Santa has all the elements of a true Christmas classic: light, love, wonder, and the power of one child's faith to shine through darkness. From the midst of the howling storm to her own soaring flight with the Lighthouse Santa, Kate must cling to her father's promise that -Nothing is impossible on Christmas Eve in a lighthouse.-
In their first collaboration since the success of their award-winning picture book The Unbreakable Code, author Sara Hoagland Hunter and illustrator Julia Miner once again shed light on a little-known episode of history.
Free books for the win and I obviously couldn't turn down a holiday book. The Lighthouse Santa is about a family that operates a lighthouse and Santa comes every year to deliver their Christmas gifts by plane. This year there is a nasty storm and the little girl is concerned that the Santa won't make it. The story is very fun and it is even cooler knowing that it is based on something that actually used to happen.

The illustrations are beautiful pastel-esq drawings that embrace the weather and the theme really well. I enjoyed it very much but don't want to give away too much plot. I recommend a read to all who love the holidays though.

Dec 14, 2017

Blog Tour: Review- Bianca the Brave Frail and Delicate Princess by Meg Dendler

Source: From the Author for review for Blog Tour. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess
Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess by Meg Dendler

Publisher: Serenity Mountain Publishing
Publication Date:  December 1, 2017

Format:  Ebook

About the Book
Princess Bianca had never set foot outside the castle walls. Not once in her over-protected, pink, fluffy life. But when a dragon was spotted in the land and fear spread that the monster had conquered the king and his brave knights, Bianca realized that it was her duty to protect her kingdom. She will have to prove that she can be braver and stronger than anyone believed because the threat outside the protection of her castle tower was more dangerous and magical than she ever imagined possible, except in a fairy tale.


Bianca the Brave Frail and Delicate Princess is about a young princess who has been locked up in a castle all her life. Not for some fairy tale reason but because she was born very weak and her father, the king, is very overprotective of her. When her father leaves to fight off a dragon in the kingdom and doesn't return in a timely manner, Bianca decides that she is going to go out and fight the dragon for him. She leaves the castle and starts off on an adventure.

I really enjoy Meg Dendler's stories, she has a wonderful way of immediately getting the readers attention. I was interested in how Bianca makes her own way and how she experiences the outside world. I actually would have liked more of her experiences being outside of the castle but overall the story was well-paced.

Bianca was easily likable and didn't have a completely woe-is-me attitude which was refreshing.I loved her interactions with the other characters and animals throughout the story. She was a good main character to follow along with.

I really enjoyed the whole story. It ended a little abruptly but I thought it was a lot of fun.

About the Author
Meg Dendler has considered herself a writer since she won a picture book contest
in 5th grade and entertained her classmates with ongoing sequels for the rest of the year. Beginning serious work as a freelancer in the ‘90s while teaching elementary and middle school, Meg has over 100 articles in print, including interviews with Kirk Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She has won contests with her short stories and poetry, along with multiple international awards for her best-selling “Cats in the Mirror” alien rescue cat children’s book series. At the Corner of Magnetic and Main is her first adult novel, but it won’t be her last. Meg also works as an editor for Pen-L Publishing and gives talks around her area about writing, publishing, and editing.
Meg and her family (including four cats and her dog, Max) live in Arkansas.

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Dec 13, 2017

Recent Reads: In Real Life by Cory Doctoow and Jen Wang

In Real LifeIn Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang
Publisher: First Second
Publication Date:  October 14, 2014

Format:  Paperback
Source: Borrowed from the Library



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Anda loves Coarsegold Online, the massively-multiplayer role-playing game where she spends most of her free time. It's a place where she can be a leader, a fighter, a hero. It's a place where she can meet people from all over the world, and make friends.

But things become a lot more complicated when Anda befriends a gold farmer--a poor Chinese kid whose avatar in the game illegally collects valuable objects and then sells them to players from developed countries with money to burn. This behavior is strictly against the rules in Coarsegold, but Anda soon comes to realize that questions of right and wrong are a lot less straightforward when a real person's real livelihood is at stake.

From acclaimed teen author (Little Brother, For the Win) and Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow and Koko Be Good creator Jen Wang, In Real Life is a perceptive and high-stakes look at adolescence, gaming, poverty, and culture clash.
I have heard about this graphic novel for a while now and maybe the reason it keeps popping up for me is because I am a female gamer. If you have been around my reviews and blog a bit, you might have realized that I, on occasion, play some World of Warcraft (not well). I love it. It is another escape much like reading for me. 

Anywho... this book is about a teen that gets invited to play an online game. Once she is in the thick of it, she is recruited for missions which involve her killing other players. On the one side, the book is about gaming, and some of it is even about gaming as a female - but not too much. A good amount of it is about how real life can be very different from 'in game' life. Anda wants to help but finds herself very removed because it is an online game.

I enjoyed this book because it was about gaming but I felt that it had a lot of messages that it tried to get into and some didn't really make it out alive. The real world versus in game thing came through, and the economic differences came through, but the feminist gamer didn't really and I think that the intro to this book explained it all out way too much. If you want a graphic novel to say something, have it say it though the graphic - they can stand alone if they are good enough.

Dec 12, 2017

Recent Reads: When Santa Was a Baby by Linda Bailey

Source: From Librarything Early Reviewers Program and Tundra Books for review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

When Santa Was a BabyWhen Santa Was a Baby by Linda Bailey
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date:  October 3, 2017

Format:  Hardback, Board Book



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Santa's parents think their little one is absolutely wonderful, even though he has a booming voice instead of a baby's gurgle, loves to stand in front of the refrigerator, gives his birthday presents away, trains his hamsters to pull a matchbox sleigh ... and has an unusual interest in chimneys. The adorably funny portrait of an oddball kid who fulfills his destiny - and two very proud parents. 
So... I LOVE holiday books... I think that they are all magical and get you in the spirit and this one is the most epic so far. This adorable children's book is about Santa as a baby. He likes red, he wants to re-gift things and he wants to share with the world and it is so cute. This beautiful and creative book brought a tear of joy to my eye (for real - my husband laughed at me). 

Not only was the story wonderful but the illustrations were perfect for it, the vibrant reds and greens and the cherub-esq baby, it was stunning. This has been my favorite holiday book so far this year, I loved everything about it. I normally re-gift these to kids I know but this one might stay in my collection...we will see... it is the season of giving after all...

Dec 11, 2017

Happy Holidays from Cover2CoverBlog

Happy December and Happy Holidays! 
However you will be celebrating, I would like to say Happy Holidays!!!
 Have a beautiful month!
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No fun photo of Rolo and I this year :/, here is a Santa instead... 

Dec 10, 2017

Building the Book Pile #263

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Hello Readers, Bloggers, and Awesome people! 

Another week closer to the end of the year... this is going scary fast. I am almost done my shopping, which feel so nice and this year we have everything wrapped and ready to go so early. I am loving my tree with ALL the gifts under it. We shopped for a lot more people this year and I am full of Christmas cheer! 😜🎄🎁

It was a busy week though and weekend. My introvert self is really needing some reading time in a bathtub. Wednesday I prepped for the Craft Fair and Thursday all day was the Fair. Friday I had to bring the Rolo-dog to the vet (we have been battling an ulcer in his eye), it is finally healed!! We decorated the office yesterday too, spray snow is so much fun - if you haven't played with it, I HIGHLY recommend it.  and today while you are reading this, I am at a friends baby shower... ([heavy breathing]... too much activity for me 😓)

How was your week? Anything fun going on? Share with me in the comments!

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Happy Holidays from Cover2CoverBlog
Recent Reads: When Santa was a Baby by Linda Bailey (Youth) Recent Reads: In Real Life by Cory Doctorow (Graphic Novel)
Blog Tour w/ Review: Bianca the Brave Frail and Delicate Princess by Meg Dendler (MG) 
Recent Reads: The Lighthouse Santa by Sara Hoagland Hunter (Youth)

No Books Received this Week

Nada, and that is good because I didn't need anymore either :/

Have you missed anything lately?

Week of December 3 -December 9

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Happy Reading!

Dec 8, 2017

Recent Reads: Christmas at Mistletoe Cove by Holly Martin

Source: From Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Christmas at Mistletoe CoveChristmas at Mistletoe Cover by Holly Martin
Series: Hope Island #3
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date:  September 22, 2017

Format:  Ebook


 Goodreads Synopsis: 
Growing up on Hope Island, Eden Lancaster always believed that if you wished hard enough for something, dreams really could come true. But Eden’s greatest wish is also her biggest secret: she has been completely in love with her childhood friend, the charming and attractive Dougie Harrison, for as long as she can remember. And he has no idea.

When Dougie leaves his successful life in New York to return home to Hope Island for good, Eden can’t escape her feelings. Her heart is full of hope that her romantic dreams are finally, at long last, going to come true…

This Christmas could change everything. But can a lifelong friendship really turn into the perfect romance? And will Eden get the happily ever after she’s always wished for?
Last year a read a book from Holly Martin for a Holiday readathon and I saw this one and was so excited to grab it for this years readathon. I probably should put Ms. Martin on an auto-buy list. I have read two holiday books from her and loved both of them so much. 

This happens to be the third book in a series and I grabbed it without knowing that, all was fine though, this story while it kind of spoils the outcomes of the other books, follows a different couple on Hope Island. The book is so whimsical and I love books set to the holiday magic that is Christmas and all its glory. 

In this book we follow two points of view, Eden and Dougie, they have been best friends forever and both want more but are too scared to acknowledge it. Their friendship is playful and full of sexual tension. It was a fun read and I loved the romantic aspects of it. I am not always a huge fan of romance but this one was perfect - just enough heat and love and magic all rolled into an adorable book.

Dec 7, 2017

Recent Reads: Baseball Bats for Christmas by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak

Source: From Netgalley and Annick Press in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Baseball Bats for Christmas
Baseball Bats for Christmas by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak
Publisher:  Annick Press
Publication Date:  September 12, 2017

Format:  Ebook


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Never having seen trees, the children in Repulse Bay decide that the funny things delivered to them one year for Christmas must actually be for making baseball bats.
Baseball Bats for Christmas is a cultural, holiday book about children in the Arctic Circle getting trees delivered to them around Christmas. This gorgeously illustrated book tells the reader about the life these children lead in this environment and how wonderful it was to get trees and then use them to make baseball bats to play. 

I loved the cultural aspects of this book, it was interesting to learn about living in such an extreme climate and how they celebrate Christmas without the availability of shops nearby. The illustrations that accompanied the text were a perfect fit for the feel of the book, they are bright and show the location well as a mix of cool colors.

As a learning tool and as a holiday book, this was a wonderful one. It embraces the essence of giving and gifting things that are dear to you and was very informational about the culture as well.

Dec 6, 2017

Recent Reads: Hubble Bubble The Wacky Winter Wonderland by Tracey Corderoy

Source: From Netgalley and Candlewick Press in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Hubble Bubble: The Wacky Winter Wonderland (Hubble Bubble Series)
Hubble Bubble: The Wacky Winter Wonderland by Tracey Corderoy

Series: Hubble Bubble
Publisher:  Nosy Crow
Publication Date:  October 1, 2017

Format: Ebook


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Three more stories of magical mayhem from Tracey Corderoy and Joe Berger. Find out what happens when a naughty toddler waves Granny's wand in a posh shop. Can Granny build a raft that doesn't sink? And enjoy a visit to Winter Wonderland with some surprises in store...
I had not heard of this series before seeing this book on Netgalley and I am glad that I found it. The Hubble Bubble series follows a grandmother and her granddaughter on typical outings made not-so-typical by Granny's magic. Granny liked to spell things whenever she can making things more fun for kids but sometimes the spells aren't quite right. 

The synopsis above is a bit off. In The Wacky Winter Wonderland installment, you get three stories. One about the wonderland, another about a pet competition, and a third about a trip to the museum. All the stories were adorable and fun. They were easy to read and I was surprised that there were multiple stories (sometimes a good cover just calls to me). I loved Granny using her magic to make everything more fun for her granddaughter even if it might get her into trouble.

I think this series would be a lot of fun for younger readers. The stories are simple and shorter with illustrations to show all the fun. I thought that the Winter Wonderland story was the most fun out of them all, which is perfect this time of year.

Dec 5, 2017

Recent Reads: Washington DC Monsters by Rebecca Moeller

Source: From Netgalley and Chouette Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Washington D.C. Monsters: A Search-And-Find BookWashington DC Monsters: A Search and Find Book by Rebecca Moeller
Series: City Monsters
Publisher: Chouette Publishing, City Monsters
Publication Date:  August 24, 2017

Format: Ebook



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Do you know Washington D.C.? The nation's capital attracts people from all over the world--even little monsters! Did you know that? Monsters are masters of camouflage who can easily hide in plain sight. They get lost among the Cherry Blossoms at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, go undercover at the International Spy Museum and even stow away at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum! Have fun spotting them all as you explore some of The District's most iconic landmarks and sights.
This book is wonderful! It is set in Washington DC and takes kids on a journey around to some of the famous places to visit while also being a search and find book ! The illustrations are bright and pleasing to the eye and also very detailed to show the landmarks and places being visited. Each spread has a goal for how many monsters to find and some are pretty tricky... these monsters are great at disguises. 

The book is a great way to be educational and learn about a new city but also fun to have as an activity book. I think parents and young children will adore this one in their collection. And there are other cities available too! I chose to read this one because I am from the DC area and wanted to see what it showcased. I think it did a wonderful job!